Conference and Exhibition
27 - 29 October 2020
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


  • Grace Fu
    Grace Fu

    Minister of Sustainability and the Environment
    Republic of Singapore

  • Francesco La Camera
    Francesco La Camera

    Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

  • Leo Wirawan
    Leo Wirawan

    Senior Lead, Energy Strategy & Global Infrastructure, Google, Singapore

  • Alice Jackson
    Alice Jackson

    President, Xcel Energy – Colorado, USA

  • Amir Hamzah Azizan
    Amir Hamzah Azizan

    President and CEO

  • Ali Izadi
    Ali Izadi

    APAC Head of Research, BloombergNEF

  • Yousif Al Ali
    Yousif Al Ali

    Executive Director, Clean Energy
    Masdar Clean Energy
    United Arab Emirates

  • Shahazwan Harris
    Shahazwan Harris

    Chief International Officer, TNB, Malaysia

  • Christophe Inglin
    Christophe Inglin

    Vice Chairman, SEAS, and MD, Energetix, Singapore

  • Edwin Khew
    Edwin Khew

    Chairman, Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore

  • Dr. Aaron Hoskin
    Dr. Aaron Hoskin

    Chief Advisor for Transportation and Alternate Fuels, Natural Resources Canada, Canada

  • Achal Sondhi
    Achal Sondhi

    Asia Pacific Market Director, Fluence, Singapore

  • Alan Mortimer
    Alan Mortimer

    Director of Innovation, Clean Energy, Wood, UK

  • Alex Whitworth
    Alex Whitworth

    Head of Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Research, Wood Mackenzie, China

  • Alexander Minge Thøgersen
    Alexander Minge Thøgersen

    Vice President - Engineering and Clean Technology, Moss Maritime (Saipem), Norway

  • Allard van Hoeken
    Allard van Hoeken

    Founder and CEO, Oceans of Energy, Netherlands

  • Dr. Alona Armstrong
    Dr. Alona Armstrong

    Senior Lecturer, Energy & Environmental Sciences & Deputy Director of Energy Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK

  • Anders Bade
    Anders Bade

    CEO, Fred. Olsen Renewables, Norway

  • Dr. Andre Nobre
    Dr. Andre Nobre

    Head of Operations & Maintenance, Cleantech Solar, Singapore

  • Aoife McMahon
    Aoife McMahon

    General Manager, Mainstream Renewable Power, Philippines

  • Dr. Arifeen Wahed
    Dr. Arifeen Wahed

    Senior Research Fellow, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

  • Ashish Sethia
    Ashish Sethia

    Global Head of Commodities, BloombergNEF, Singapore

  • Azrin Firdaus Osman
    Azrin Firdaus Osman

    MD and Utilities Leader Malaysia, Accenture, Malaysia

  • Dr. Bas Hofs
    Dr. Bas Hofs

    Researcher CSR, Evides Waterbedrijf, Netherlands

  • Bernard Esselinckx
    Bernard Esselinckx

    President and CEO
    Senoko Energy

  • Brian Byrne
    Brian Byrne

    Managing Director, Siemens Energy & SVP of the Siemens Energy Asia Pacific Hub

  • Bryan Im
    Bryan Im

    Director International Affairs & Cooperation Division, Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency (SDIA), South Korea

  • Bastiaan Teune
    Bastiaan Teune

    SNV Cambodia Sector Leader Energy / Global Cookstoves Coordinator

  • Brian Selby
    Brian Selby

    Managing Director at GE Renewable Energy, ASEAN, ANZ & Korea

  • Carly Wishart
    Carly Wishart

    Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, Asia Pacific, ENGIE, Singapore

  • Caroline Chua
    Caroline Chua

    Analyst, BloombergNEF, Singapore

  • Cecilia Tam
    Cecilia Tam

    Head of Programmes, Clean Energy Finance, and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM), OECD, France

  • Celine Paton
    Celine Paton

    Senior Financial Analyst, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

  • Chee Kiong Goh
    Chee Kiong Goh

    CEO of Charge+, Sunseap Group, Singapore

  • Dr Chen Wei-nee
    Dr Chen Wei-nee

    VP, New Energy Venture, Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad, Malaysia

  • Clotilde Rossi di Schio
    Clotilde Rossi di Schio

    Energy Efficiency Specialist, SEforALL

  • Congyi Tan
    Congyi Tan

    Head, Urban Solar Group, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

  • Dave Sivaprasad
    Dave Sivaprasad

    MD and Partner, Southeast Asia Leader for Climate Action, Boston Consulting Group, Singapore

  • David Boyland
    David Boyland

    Regional Energy Sector Leader, Mott MacDonald, Singapore

  • David Kang
    David Kang

    Senior Associate, BloombergNEF, Japan

  • Diana G. Connett
    Diana G. Connett

    Energy Specialist, ADB

  • Deepesh Nanda
    Deepesh Nanda

    CEO, Gas Power, GE South Asia

  • Devendra Gupta
    Devendra Gupta

    CEO, Ecozen Solutions

  • Ed Brown
    Ed Brown

    Research Director, MECS, Loughborough University

  • Edward Tay
    Edward Tay

    CEO, Sistema Asia Capital, Singapore

  • Frank Ochel
    Frank Ochel

    Senior Principal, Utilities Strategy, Australia and New Zealand, Accenture, Australia

  • Frank Phuan
    Frank Phuan

    Founder and CEO

  • Frederic Carron
    Frederic Carron

    VP Middle East & Asia, Energy Business, Wartsila, Singapore

  • Gary Hui
    Gary Hui

    Chief Operations Officer, Energenz Consulting Ltd

  • George Touloupas
    George Touloupas

    Director of Technology & Quality, Clean Energy Associates (CEA), China

  • Gerald Tan
    Gerald Tan

    Managing Director, G8 Subsea

  • Gero Farruggio
    Gero Farruggio

    Head of Australia & Global Renewables
    Rystad Energy

  • Guido Volberg
    Guido Volberg

    Senior Consultant, Product Regulatory Affairs, Alternative Energies, Stäubli Electrical Connectors, Germany

  • Hans-Arild Bredesen
    Hans-Arild Bredesen

    CEO, Nordpool Consulting, Norway

  • Harald Hammer
    Harald Hammer

    Solar Consultant, DNV GL Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Harald Olderheim
    Harald Olderheim

    CEO, Glint Solar, Norway

  • Dr. Helena Wright
    Dr. Helena Wright

    VP, Sustainable Infrastructure & Energy Finance, WWF, Singapore

  • Hu Min
    Hu Min

    Executive Director, iGDP, China Advisor at Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program

  • Ian Steff
    Ian Steff

    Assistant Secretary for Global Markets and Director General of the United States and Foreign Commercial Service

  • Ingo Puhl
    Ingo Puhl

    Managing Director, South East Asia, South Pole, Thailand

  • Isabel Chatterton
    Isabel Chatterton

    Regional Industry Director, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Asia Pacific, IFC, Singapore

  • Ivan Varughese
    Ivan Varughese

    Head of Green Investment, Asia Pacific, Macquarie Capital, Australia

  • James Allan
    James Allan

    Senior Advisor, Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, Australia

  • Jan Napiorkowski
    Jan Napiorkowski

    Global Head Clean Energy, Ariel Re, Syndicate of Lloyd’s of London, Hong Kong

  • Dr. Jay Mariyappan
    Dr. Jay Mariyappan

    Head of New Energy, Petronas, Malaysia

  • Jean-Philippe Buisson
    Jean-Philippe Buisson

    SVP Asia, EDF International, Singapore

  • Jennifer Tay
    Jennifer Tay

    Partner, PwC, Singapore

  • Jeremy Stone
    Jeremy Stone

    Non-Executive Director & Advisor, J POWER, Australia

  • Jiten Ghelani
    Jiten Ghelani

    CEO, Promethean Power Systems

  • João Fernando Ribeiro
    João Fernando Ribeiro

    High Technical Senior Engineer, Commissioning and Tests Division, EDP Produção, Portugal

  • Johan de Villiers
    Johan de Villiers

    MD (Singapore) & Head of Industrial Automation SEA, ABB, Singapore

  • John Modin
    John Modin

    CTO, Glint Solar, Norway

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore

    CEO, BloombergNEF, UK

  • Jonathan Goh
    Jonathan Goh

    Director, Energy Market Authority, Singapore

  • Karuna Bajracharya
    Karuna Bajracharya

    Country Manager, Clean Cooking Alliance

  • Kelly Speakes-Backman
    Kelly Speakes-Backman

    Chief Executive Officer, Energy Storage Association

  • Kelvin Lim
    Kelvin Lim

    CEO, Durapower Technology Group, Singapore

  • Kelvin Wong
    Kelvin Wong

    Managing Director, Project Finance, DBS Bank, Singapore

  • Lewis McDonald
    Lewis McDonald

    Global Head of Energy, Herbert Smith Freehills, UK

  • Kee-Yung Nam
    Kee-Yung Nam

    Principal Energy Economist, Asian Development Bank

  • Kirt Gallatin
    Kirt Gallatin

    Director of Policy in the Office of the Undersecretary, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

  • Dr Low E-wen
    Dr Low E-wen

    Senior Principal Specialist, Water Quality Department, PUB, Singapore

  • Prof Lloyd Chua
    Prof Lloyd Chua

    Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Deakin University, Australia

  • Loïc Villocel
    Loïc Villocel

    Director, ENGIE Lab, Singapore

  • Luc Pejo
    Luc Pejo

    Chief Technical Officer, Ciel & Terre Japan

  • Ludovic Dehondt
    Ludovic Dehondt

    ASEANO & Turkey Technical Director, Ciel & Terre International, Malaysia

  • Luís Miguel Rocha
    Luís Miguel Rocha

    High Technical Specialist, Electrical and Electromechanical Testing, Labelec (EDP Group), Portugal

  • M. Ikhsan Asaad
    M. Ikhsan Asaad

    Director of Mega Project, PT PLN, Indonesia

  • Maarten Dörenkämper
    Maarten Dörenkämper

    Researcher & Project Manager Solar Energy Applications, TNO, Netherlands

  • Mario Marasigan
    Mario Marasigan

    Director, Electric Power Industry Management Bureau, Philippine Department of Energy

  • Mark Paterson
    Mark Paterson

    Chief Strategy Officer & MD APAC, Strategen, Australia

  • Mark Rathbone
    Mark Rathbone

    Asia Pacific Capital Projects & Infrastructure Leader, PwC, Singapore

  • Matthew McDonnell
    Matthew McDonnell

    Director, Strategen

  • Maxime Cassat
    Maxime Cassat

    Managing Director, EDF Lab, Singapore

  • Md. Enamul Karim (Pavel)
    Md. Enamul Karim (Pavel)

    Director (Loans) & Head (Renewable Energy), Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), Bangladesh

  • Michael Williamson
    Michael Williamson

    Section Chief, Energy Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

  • Michele Tagliapietra
    Michele Tagliapietra

    Solar & Storage Consultant, DNV GL, Netherlands

  • Dr. Ming Teck Kong
    Dr. Ming Teck Kong

    MD and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Singapore

  • Mohan Panayamadam
    Mohan Panayamadam

    Project Manager, Subsea & Marine projects, G8 Subsea

  • Neha Juneja
    Neha Juneja

    Co- founder & CEO, Greenway Appliances

  • Nicolas Leong
    Nicolas Leong

    Energy Business Director, North & South East Asia

  • Nicolas Serrie
    Nicolas Serrie

    VP Product Management, GE Hydro
    President/GM, GE Hydro France

  • Nirupa Chander
    Nirupa Chander

    Country Managing Director
    Hitachi ABB Power Grids

  • Noraziah Muda
    Noraziah Muda

    Head, Renewable Energy and Green Technology Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

  • Olivia Coldrey
    Olivia Coldrey

    Lead, Energy Finance and Clean Cooking, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)

  • Pascal Radue
    Pascal Radue

    President & CEO, Hydro, GE, France

  • Dr. Per Christer Lund
    Dr. Per Christer Lund

    Counsellor, Innovation Norway/Royal Norwegian Embassy, SG

  • Peter Godfrey
    Peter Godfrey

    Managing Director, The Energy Institute, Singapore

  • Philipp Schmaelzle
    Philipp Schmaelzle

    Entrepreneurial Scientist, X, formerly known as Google[x], USA

  • Pradeep Tharakan
    Pradeep Tharakan

    Unit Head, Sovereign Energy Operations, Greater Mekong Subregion, Asian Development Bank, Thailand

  • Prakash Sharma
    Prakash Sharma

    Head of Markets & Transitions - Asia Pacific, Energy Transition Practice, Wood Mackenzie

  • Ray Tay
    Ray Tay

    Senior Vice President, Moody’s Investors Service, Singapore

  • Remi Eriksen
    Remi Eriksen

    Group President and CEO, DNV GL Group

  • Rishab Shrestha
    Rishab Shrestha

    Senior Research Analyst, APAC Power, Wood Mackenzie, Singapore

  • Rob Carnell
    Rob Carnell

    Head of Research and Chief Economist, Asia-Pacific, ING Bank NV, Singapore

  • Sa Sha
    Sa Sha

    APAC Director, Sungrow Floating, China

  • Sam Reynolds
    Sam Reynolds

    Managing Director
    Octopus Investments

  • Sharad Somani
    Sharad Somani

    Partner & Head of Infrastructure Advisory, ASPAC Head for Power & Utilities, KPMG, Singapore

  • Siddhant Gupta
    Siddhant Gupta

    Head of Future Grid for Asia Pacific

  • Stephane Bernard Leyo
    Stephane Bernard Leyo

    Head of Business Development, REC Group, Singapore

  • Steve O'Neil
    Steve O'Neil

    CEO, REC Group, Singapore

  • Sujay Shah
    Sujay Shah

    Managing Director & Global Head — Cleantech
    Standard Chartered Bank

  • Susie Ni
    Susie Ni

    Department Manager, TÜV Rheinland, Solar & Commercial Products, Greater China

  • Sumant Sinha
    Sumant Sinha

    CEO, ReNew Power Ventures, India

  • Suzanne Ferguson
    Suzanne Ferguson

    Carbon Capture Technical Lead, Wood, UK

  • Tan Cheng Guan
    Tan Cheng Guan

    Head, Renewables & Environment Businesses, Sembcorp Industries, Singapore

  • Teo Yep Min
    Teo Yep Min

    SVP, Asia Pacific - Grid Automation, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Singapore

  • Dr. Teresa Barnes
    Dr. Teresa Barnes

    Director, DuraMAT / Group Manager, PV Reliability and Systems Performance, NREL, USA

  • Teresa Deng
    Teresa Deng

    Deputy Director, Share Power, China

  • Dr. Thomas Reindl
    Dr. Thomas Reindl

    Deputy CEO, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), National University of Singapore (NUS)

  • Tim Buckley
    Tim Buckley

    Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis, Australia

  • Tomas Kåberger
    Tomas Kåberger

    Executive Board Chairman, Renewable Energy Institute, Japan

  • Tommaso Rovatti Studihrad
    Tommaso Rovatti Studihrad

    Sales Director, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Vestas Asia Pacific

  • Vivek Gilani
    Vivek Gilani

    Managing Director & Executive Board Member, cBalance Solutions

  • William Hudson
    William Hudson

    Head of South East Asia, The Carbon Trust, Singapore

  • Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern
    Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern

    Chairperson & CEO, SPCG Public Company Limited (SPCG)

  • Woochong Um
    Woochong Um

    Director General, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, ADB, Philippines

  • Ying Te Tan
    Ying Te Tan

    Project Manager, Sunseap Engineering

  • Dr. Zhang Yibin
    Dr. Zhang Yibin

    Deputy Director General of Development Bureau, Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), China

  • Bert Deprest
    Bert Deprest

    Head of Business Development, SEA, ENGIE, Singapore

  • Noel Hechanova
    Noel Hechanova

    Department Head, Iloilo City Environment and Natural Resource Office, Philippines

  • James A. Maguire
    James A. Maguire

    Partner, SDCL

  • Cita Dewi
    Cita Dewi

    Executive Vice President - Renewable Energy, PLN