Conference and Exhibition
31 October - 2 November 2018
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands

Session Synopsis

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Clean Energy Leaders' Dialogue

The Clean Energy Leaders Dialogue is a high-level forum bringing together leaders in the regional solar and renewables space. The dialogue witnesses top utility leaders, PV manufacturers, developers and policy professionals exchanging best practices, while debating trends and solutions in the clean energy industry.

Solarising Singapore and Asia

Given Singapore's strategic location in the Asian Sunbelt and the high cost of electricity, there has been a growing interest in solar PV over the years. The announcement of the SolarNova programme by the government, with a proposed 350 MW installed on government buildings by 2020, has made Singapore an attractive market for both local and international solar companies and financial institutions.

Financial Summit

The Financial Summit will focus on the perspectives of PV project development and system ownership, as well as solar investment and financing. Expect to see a diverse mix of movers and shakers from the solar industry, as well as the finance and insurance sectors.

Digital Transformation of Energy

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next generation of the internet. It is a global system of IP-connected computer networks, sensors, actuators, machines, and devices. Merging the physical world with the virtual world of the internet and with software enables companies and consumers to create new services that are founded on web-based business models. The energy world of today is moving towards decentralization and digitalization. Power generation from huge numbers of renewable energy systems and virtual power plants needs to be fed into distribution networks. This session looks into how to optimise and benefit from an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent energy system. 

PV Asia Scientific Conference

The PV Asia Scientific Conference provides an excellent platform for the world's PV experts and scientists to showcase the latest developments in solar energy technologies. The conference programme encompasses a wide scope of PV technologies, ranging from PV cells, modules, systems, quality assurance and characterisation to smart grid technologies.

Asian Conference on Energy, Power and Transportation Electrification (ACEPT)

The third Asian Conference on Energy, Power and Transportation Electrification (ACEPT) will collaborate with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to bring together world leading experts who will discuss emerging topics on energy, power, and transportation electrification.

International Floating Solar Symposium (IFSS)

Floating Solar is unlocking 400,000km- and thereby a new TW-scale opportunity for photovoltaics - on freshwater reservoirs alone. It addresses the water-energy - nexus with evaporation savings and complementary hydropower, and offers paths to ultra-low balance of systems (BOS) cost. Thus it is seen, respectively, as a critical piece for continuing the exponential growth of solar, reaching high renewable penetration, and extending the cost learning curve of PV as a whole.