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27 - 29 October 2020
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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  • ADEL System

    Founded in 1991, ADEL system designs and manufactures industrial power supplies with linear and switching technology. Thanks to its experience, more than 250 models made, in different applications, today offers a range of power supplies designed to meet all applications in the field of industrial automation.

  • Aerocompact GmbH

    "The company Aerocompact leaves nothing to be desired in the area of aerodynamic mounting technology for solar panels. As a medium sized company with headquarter in Austria, Aerocompact is operating internationally with manufacturing plants and offices in United States and Europe. Our focus is the production of competitive aerodynamic flat roof systems for photovoltaic modules and their integration and structural analysis. We`ve specially developed and created a software and our customers will receive a complimentary designed layout and ballast calculation already in the quoting phase of a project. All systems are ETL certified to UL 2703 standards, wind tunnel tested up to 150 mph and is topped with a market leading 25 year product warranty. Our team consists of approximately 30 qualified staff members which are specially trained on our unique product line and can develop individual projects in a modern work environment. We offer our customers unique solutions that are constantly being maintained and a state of the art in technology, design and safety. In addition to our unbeatable products, we include a strong personal customer service for the most satisfaction which we achieve daily. With successfully installing 300 Mw/p in the last three years in the US and Europe, Aerocompact® has proven to its installers, distributors, EPC`s and developers, that the fastest mounting times with the highest available quality can be achieved, so the project can be delivered on time. Our mission is to protect the ecologic environment and we are trying to implement the efficient use of energy. The increased use of solar energy will protect our primary energy resources and spare the world of using our precious nonrenewable energy. It is our pleasure to be part of an important and much needed revolution.

    Our team consists of approximately 30 qualified staff members which are specially trained on our unique product line and can develop individual projets in a modern work environment."

  • Aichernig Engineering GmbH

    Aichernig Engineering, better known as REPOTEC, is the leading specialist in biomass gasification. They built the first industrial Biomass Gasification Plant in Güssing (A) in 2001. Based on this most reliable gasification process worldwide, they built plants in Europa and Japan.

    The Gasification Plant in Senden (G) with an electric efficiency of 35 % is the most efficient biomass CHP Plant worldwide, and in Gothenburg (S) they built the first Biomass to SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) plant.

  • Alliance for Rural Electrication

    The Alliance for Rural Electrication (ARE) is an international business association that promotes a sustainable decentralized renewable energy industry for the 21st century, activating markets for affordable energy services, and creating local jobs and inclusive economies.

    ARE enables improved energy access through business development support for its Membership along the whole value chain for off-grid technologies.

    As Proud Partner of SEforALL, ARE collaborates with SEforALL through specifically tailored interventions which lie on the critical path as identified by the Global Tracking Framework (2017). ARE mobilizes and unites all private sector players and partners who are passionate and committed to improve regional socio-economic development and quality of life of individuals with the provision of electricity.

  • BIOGEST Energie - und Wassertechnik GmbH

    Biogest is a European biogas plant manufacturer with its headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in the UK, France, USA, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. With a staff of around 60 employees, we have already installed over 140 biogas plants generating electricity or biomethane. Our reference plants are located in many European countries.

    Our biogas engineering operations extend along the entire biogas value chain, from project development to planning, financing, turnkey construction and operation of biogas plants with an output of 100 kW to 3,500 kW. In addition to engineering, we are also actively operating in the fields of Biogas OPO (Own Plant Operations), energy efficiency and agriculture.

    Biogas plants are constructed using our tried and tested Biogest PowerRing technology which offers numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, operating safety and availability. PowerRing and PowerCompact biogas plants have been operating successfully for more than 10 years, installed at over 100 reference plants.

  • Biolang Ltd

    Our solutions are various composition biomass utilizing boilers and heat energy plants. We design, manufacture and assemble them on site. Sales of our products are often linked with designing and manufacturing agricultural or other industrial product processing which consumes heat, steam or hot water. Our focus is on utilizing biomass in energy production. In this area we have developed various solutions such as:
    Heat solution for aroma distillery which is fuelled with distilled flowers
    Heat solution for plant/vegetable oil factory which is fuelled with sunflower husk
    Heat solution for cannery which is fuelled with various wood vaste
    Heat solution for greenhouses which is fuelled with various types of biomass.

  • Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

    Bird & Bird ATMD is a leading law firm in Singapore with an international practice. We have a market-leading regional energy practice and are sought after for our expertise on corporate, project and regulatory matters in the energy sector, in particular renewables and clean-tech. Our experience includes advising on solar, wind, cleantech and biomass projects across Asia Pacific. We frequently work with government bodies in Singapore on regulatory matters in the electricity, gas, waste and green building sectors. We also advise multi-laterals, major corporations, banks, funds, sponsors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers operating in these markets.

  • BISOL Group d.o.o.

    BISOL has been in solar PV business since 2006, selling to over 75 countries worldwide. Our main activities:
    - production of solar PV modules (current annual capacity 150 MWp, in process of expansion to 250 MWp by end 2018);
    - design and sales of solar PV mounting systems;
    - design and sales of solar street lights;
    - design and sales of hybrid & off-grid solar PV systems;
    - offering turnkey solar PV projects;
    - investing in solar PV installations (20 MWp, so far limited to EU countries only).

  • Cendori Co., Ltd

    Total energy convergence lead company with manufacturing, service and construction performance through expert personnel of 10 years or more and a number of intellectual property technologies and energy facilities.

    It has been manufacturing and supplying high-efficiency and high-functioning of eco-friendly products for 20 years, and it will continue to play a leading role in the energy sector to provide satisfaction to customers.

  • Ciel & Terre International

    Initially specialized in the integration of rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems, Ciel & Terre® has then followed the path of innovation to develop the first patented and industrialized water-based PV technology HYDRELIO®. In response to land use conflicts, this solution consists in installing PV modules on water bodies. Ciel & Terre has been distributing its solution and developing floating PV plants all over the world for commercial, industrial and local government institutions since 2011.

  • Climacheck Sweden AB

    ClimaCheck is the global leader of performance analysing of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems and offer a complete range of products and services to apply the unique method. We offer turn-key hardware, software and IoT solutions and reporting/analysing services.

    ClimaCheck was started in 2004, has well proven products sold on all continents and appointed refrigeration product of the year 2009 in UK and WWF Climate Solver 2011.

  • Creatz3D Pte Ltd

    Formed in 2017 as a subdivision of its parent company, Creatz3D Ceramics focuses on manufacturing advanced ceramic parts. Using the latest 3D printing technology, Creatz3D Ceramics is capable of producing functional ceramic parts to your desired requirements. Leveraging on our expertise in 3D Printing you can rely on Creatz3D Ceramics for your needs from concept prototypes to small batch manufacturing.

    We will be showcasing samples that showcases our capabilities with the use of 3D Printing technology with technical ceramics. These samples include, but not limited to, brackets, complex manifolds and filters. The design showcases are highly complex and will not be able to produce by traditional manufacturing techniques.

  • Crowdcredit

    Crowdcredit was founded in 2013 aiming at connecting borrowers in needs of capitals in countries with premature financial infrastructure and investors in needs of asset management opportunities in countries with saturated financial market, namely Japan.

    Currently, the company is exploring solar energy sector and is developing partnership with those parties; such as, off/on-grid manufacturers, installers, financiers, project developers, etc. who have regular financing needs for business expansion. Moreover, it is possible for Crowdcredit to suffice their needs by serial loans that are funded every two weeks by Japanese retail investors in its proprietary crowd funding platform.

    As of today, Crowdcredit has raised loan funds of US$ 45mm+ from 8,000+ registered investors at the recent rate of US$ 4mm per month with increasing trend. Also, the company has provided loans to SMEs, non-bank lenders and individuals mainly in emerging or newly developed countries; such as, Peru, Estonia, Georgia, Cameroon, etc.

  • CS Control Software Oy

    The Company has been serving its customers by proving several types of automation services, including start-up and commissioning services and several types of solutions. Solutions include data collection, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis, energy saving solutions for streetlights, Control for advanced mining solutions, monitoring and alarming systems for airports, marine applications Integrated automation systems (IAS), Train and Metro applications and several smaller automation solutions. the services has been expanded 2016 to include the data analysis to provide small , useful data from big collected data, augmented (AR), virtual(VR) and Mixed Reality (MR)solutions for automation applications.

  • DEG

    For 55 years DEG has been a reliable partner to private-sector enterprises operating in developing and emerging-market countries. We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions, including financing, promotional programmes and advice tailored to individual needs. They can thus develop successfully and sustainably, while generating local added value and creating qualified jobs. With our portfolio of around EUR 8.3 billion in over 80 countries we’re one of the world’s largest private-sector development financiers.

  • DRD Myanmar / GIZ RELEC

    The Department of Rural Development (DRD), under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, is currently administering the off-grid component of Myanmar’s new National Electrification Plan, which aims to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030. Under DRD’s leadership, the NEP will enable 2.4 million new household connections through solar home systems and mini-grids.

    On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and with co-financing support from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, GIZ is supporting DRD with its NEP objectives through strategic advice, private sector participation and capacity building.

  • Durr Cyplan Ltd.

    The main product is heat recovery systems based on the Organic Rankine Cycle technology (ORC technology). On the basis of a thermodynamic cycle electricity the system produces electricity. A heat source as input is necessary. In many cases the heat input is waste heat. The heat can come from various sources: combustion engines, turbines for fossile fuel, industria processes, furnaces for bio-fuels, geothermal, solar.


    Our company was established in order to become an internationally competing firm in the module house industry. To achieve this goal, we are using the most advance existing technologies. Which factors do we usually consider when choosing a new house? Energy efficiency, structural safety, maintenance cost, eco-friendliness and design are probably the five things we consider as the most important.

    In comparison with a simple container or camping car we are offering a wide variety of functions that reflect needs and value of the modern generation. We are living in a world that is changing everyday thanks to new technologies. E-SOLTEC is a place where we use current technologies and create new ones. Our energy saving technologies and high-quality thermal insulation materials help to maintain comfortable living conditions in all seasons. Out exterior design. special add-on features, and cutting-edge technologies make it a matchless product in the mobile house market. We create our product keeping in mind customer's values and interests, paying attention to every details.

    Through this partnership we are trying to open a new opportunity for our most valuable asset- our customers.

  • Eetarp Engineering Pte Ltd

    Our organization, Eetarp Engineering Group, is a renowned Singapore-based multi-national engineering company. From our humble beginnings in 1999, we have gained our clients’ confidence by providing them with the latest technology and reliable solutions in the fields of Electrical Safety, Power Quality and Energy Management for their mission-critical and high-value investments.

    Our solutions are to help our clients maintain the highest level of electrical safety, reliable power supply quality and reduce energy consumption. We provide a whole range of products ranging from discrete devices to integrated solutions and from portable to permanently installed web-based monitoring and reporting, complete with data storage and database management systems to meet every unique requirement of our clients.

    Our clients span the whole spectrum of industries from land-based data centers, hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing plants, power generation and electrical substations, commercial buildings, clean energy monitoring solutions, electrical vehicles, solar installations to offshore oil rigs, FPSO, cruise ships and naval ships. In return for our clients’ continued support, we share with them our knowledge and expertise by conducting regular classroom and onsite trainings as well as technical seminars.

    Our vision of being a customer-focused, technology-driven and service oriented company has given us the impetus to continuously improve and innovate.

  • Energetix Pte Ltd

    Energetix Pte Ltd installs rooftop and ground mounted solar PV systems for industrial, commercial and utility scale clients. We provide turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, and technical advisory from site selection and feasibility studies, to project management and operations & maintenance solutions.

    The Energetix team has a proven track record of delivering high quality solutions in Asia Pacific, with a combined experience of over 60 years in the PV industry. We work with owners, investors and project developers who want to ensure their PV power plants are reliable and profitable over their useful lifetime.

    Based in Singapore, Energetix operates throughout South East Asia, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

  • Envision Digital

    Envision is the largest offshore wind power solution provider in China and the second largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world. Managing over 100GW of energy assets globally, Envision cutting edge technology in IoT platforms, Smart Building and best of breed industry energy management solutions allows organizations the knowhow and capabilities to embrace a sustainable ecosystem.

    Leading the forefront of Energy Digital transformation, Envision Digital a subsidiary of Envision headquartered in Singapore continues the group’s mission of providing smart and intelligent solutions to cities, buildings and plants.  Powered by the world's largest Energy IoT platform, EnOS™, Envisions mission is to "solve the challenges to a sustainable future”. Envision Digital Singapore is the Centre of Excellence for Envisions Smart Building and Weather research and development, housing deep expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science offering domain knowledge services to governments, industries and building owners in their digital transformation journey to realize personalized and business benefit for the ecosystem and citizens who live and work in it.

  • Efergy Technologies, S.L.

    Efergy (“efficient energy”) designs energy saving products in the U.K. and manufactures them in a partner factory in Dongguang China. Efergy Europe was founded in 2011 in the U.K. and in February 2018, we moved our offices and warehouse to Spain, as a part of this process we founded an independent Spanish company, Efergy Technologies S.L. Our product range consists of our easy-to-use wireless electricity monitors, and our online solution the engage hub which gives access to engage our platform and allows the consumer to consult his electricity consumption in real time over the internet or via an app on a smartphone. Efergy products help businesses and private consumers instantly see how much energy they are using so they can take action to reduce consumption and carbon emissions. Several studies have shown that real-time feedback on how much and what you are consuming, can lead to a change in behaviour and a reduction of up to 20% in consumption.


    EKOVA ELECTRIC is a production company with its own engineering, design and R&D teams. Almost 100 years tradition in refurbishment, overhaul, modernisation and production of the electrical public transport vehicles. Focused on Trams, LRV, Trolleybuses and electric buses.
    Production of the small series of customised electric buses (own brand EKOVA ELECTRON)
    Strong and proven know-how and own design, technological and engineering team.

  • Elpower srl

    Elpower is a company operating in the renewable sources industry. It deals with:
    Design, production, testing and post-sale assistance of inverters for grid connection of systems producing energy from renewable sources and for on-grid and off-grid energy storage systems.
    We are a growing company and we believe in progress; we constantly invest in research and development, with 30% of total staff involved in it. We aim at a constant improvement in the production processes thanks to a lean organization and an optimized managing system in order to obtain always the maximum efficiency.

  • Emutec GmbH

    German engineering company for all type of building technolgy and energy efficient solutions in all buildings and industrie. Partnership with Eco-ice GmbH for extraction of cold energy during regasification of LNG (brand new technology for industrie, applicabel in South East Asia, in ships and for import terminals.
    Specialized in smart window technology and integration of new window technology into building automation system to control climate and reduce air-conditioning
    Specialized for solar-cooling solutions (using PV and Solarthermal technology for running cooling technology, reference : see our project ""the more sustainable store of IKEA 

    Partnership with fuel cell company N2telligence (patentholder) for quattro-generation fuel cell technology (electricity, heat, cooling, fire prevention)
    solution provider for zero-carbon emission building by using BESS (Battery Storage) in combination with elektrolyser and fuel cell to provide independent and authark energy supply solution.

    Simulation services, energy audits, daylight simulations, projekt-management
    simulations & solutions for e-mobility technology (emutec grid systems)

  • Energy Team SPA

    Energy Team® S.p.A is an 100% Italian leader provider of systems and solutions for the efficiency improvement of energy consumption. The Company was founded in Milan in 1996 and, In more than 20 years, Energy Team has become a leading operator in Italy for power monitoring, control and management. Company’s metering devices and SW services are installed in about 9000 industrial and other different application."

  • Enertime

    Enertime designs, develops and implements Rankine Organic Cycle (ORC) modules to produce renewable or CO2-free electricity from heat. Enertime also develops high-temperature heat pumps (PAC) and special turbomachinery.
    Opened internationally and active in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, Enertime aims to bring the benefits of technological developments to its industrial customers to solve their energy supply problems in very different contexts.


    Espe produces technologies for the generation of energy from renewable sources, specifically we produce:

    Hydro power turbines;
    Small Wind Turbine Generators;
    Biomass Co-generators;
    Biomass Boilers and Plug&Play Stations;
    Turn-key PV systems;

    Our head-office and production facility is in Italy where we design, develop and produce our products.

  • FLEX-COOP Ltd.

    Our product, EU Roller is widely used in conveyors, mostly in mines, cement factories, biomass producers, waste/garbage processors all around the world. EU Rollers are more energy efficient, more durable and therefore more cost effective than traditional rollers.

    They are approximately 60% of the weight of conventional steel rollers, making installation easier and saving on start-up costs. EU Roller is more energy and cost efficient with savings of at least 25-30% based on independent tests than other industry standard solutions. 

    Test results show that the noise emission of EU-ROLLER is considerably lower compared to the conventional ones. Standards that are stricter year by year to reduce the environmental impact: this makes EU-ROLLER an ideal choice.

    We are looking for local agents, distributors for our product in Asia. We have 3 production plants in Hungary.

  • FMO

    FMO is the Dutch development bank. FMO has invested in the private sector in developing countries and emerging markets for more than 47 years. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build a better world. To that end, FMO invests in businesses, projects and financial institutions, by providing capital, knowledge and networks to support sustainable growth. We do this with the ultimate goal of empowering people to apply their skills and improve their own quality of life.

    We invest in over 85 countries, supporting job creation and income generation and improving people’s lives in those parts of the world where this makes the biggest difference. Our role extends beyond financing, as we help businesses to operate and grow transparently in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We invest in sectors where we believe our contribution can have the highest long-term impact: financial institutions, energy and agribusiness.

    Through our approach, we aim to demonstrate to other investors that strong financial returns and positive impact in developing countries and emerging markets can go hand-in- hand. Our success in higher-risk markets provides them with the confidence to get on board allowing us to mobilize more funding for our clients.

    FMO was founded in 1970 and is a public-private partnership, with 51% of our shares held by the Dutch State and 49% held by commercial banks, trade unions and other members of the private sector. FMO has a triple A-rating from both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

  • Fosera Solarsystems GmbH & Co. KGaA

    Fosera is a leading German manufacturer of high-quality Solar-Home-Systems designed for rural electrification. Our systems are designed to be high-quality and come with a 3-year warranty. It was founded in 2011 and has headquarters near Ulm at Illerkirchberg, Germany, with subsidiaries around the world.

    Our target markets are typically areas without reliable access to grid electricity and off-grid, our target customer are large distributors and DESCOs (Distributed Energy Services Company).



    Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture high power converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how in energy conversion for industrial, Light and Heavy Electric Mobility, Renewable Energies, Energy Storage and Management applications.

    With continuous investments in research and development, FRIEM is leader from over 60 years in IGBT, thyristors or diode type high power converters, applying the most advanced technologies and electronics..

    With the demand for reliable power increasing exponentially, FRIEM is at the forefront of the energy conversion industry, providing clients in diverse sector with dedicated solutions for their energy demand.

    FRIEM is a reference for the electric energy conversion and has been a preferred technological partner in several pioneering markets, sustaining its customer’s operations and results:

    50’s and 60’s: Chemical Industry and Metal Refining development;

    70’s and 80’s; Heavy Electric Traction progress;

    2000’s: PolySilicon for Solar Photovoltaic modules mass production;

    2010’s: Renewable Energies diffusion;

    2020’s and 2030’s: Energy Storage and Management integrated with Electric Mobility.

  • GFM

    Established in 2000, GFM is one of the pioneer companies in Spain, promoting electricity production from renewable energies, developing and installing more than 35 wind measure towers and promoting more than 130 MW wind parks in Spain. By GEFA and with a capital of 1,100,000 euros, GFM was established in 2004 to be focused in PV systems. Until 2008, GFM developed more than 10 MW solar Parks turnkey, from engineering, promotion, installation to O&M. GFM is owner of more than 3 MW solar parks selling green energy to Spanish grid. Since 2008, GFM is developing Renewable Energy Hybrid off-grid systems, decentralized energy generation, solar pumping water, irrigation systems with Geris control system, self- consumption connected to the grid, ev chargers and innovation projects. It is one of the SME companies selected by H2020 program.

  • GLOBAL Hydro Energy GmbH

    As an independent Austrian company, we offer Pelton and Francis turbines up to 25MW unit capacity and Kaplan turbines up to 15 MW per turbine as well as complete solution systems “water to wire”. We provide turn-key solutions, electrical engineering and automation in-house and the high quality turbines are origin made in Austria produced in our own workshop. An additive quality feature is the long term service package for maintenance and refurbishment as well as our special turbine governor HEROS3, programmed by GLOBAL Hydro’s technicians.

  • Global Water and Energy N.V.

    "GLOBAL WATER & ENERGY (GWE), a member of Global Water Engineering Group of Companies, is a solution provider to the global marketplace for industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse and production of green energy. To that end, GWE offers state-of-the-art technologies to assist industries and private owners in their efforts to grow while reducing the costs of doing business.ess.

    From some of the world’s leading anaerobic wastewater treatment and organic waste-to-energy processes to a variety of top-of-the-line aerobic technologies, GWE has one of the most extensive portfolios of technology for industrial wastewater management, water reuse, and renewable energy generation/utilization.

    With hundreds of worldwide installations and over 40 years of application experience, we can tackle the toughest wastewater and organic waste-to-energy problems. We can provide design, technology, and services packages for any of our proprietary technologies, or if desired, complete turnkey services including complete design, construction, and installation of the entire system (in conjunction with engineering and construction partners).

    GWE has one of the most extensive portfolios of anaerobic technologies of any vendors, with thirteen (13) different configurations and concepts.

    The ANUBIX™ reactor family are Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactors, typically used for wastewaters from breweries, beverage production, sugar mills, starch factories, paper mills, and many other industries. Volumetric organic loading rates of up to 25 kg COD/m³.d are used in these types of systems.The ANAMIX™ reactor is a continuously stirred (CSTR), long residence time digester for very high strength or high-solids wastewaters and slurries. It is available in both mesophilic and thermophilic (ANAMIX™ - M/T) configurations, the choice of which is made based on wastewater characteristics.

    Sludges and slurries with high energy content can provide significant value when that energy content can be extracted in a useful form. GWE’s RAPTOR® technology is a perfect way to turn such waste products into assets. RAPTOR® is a compact, multistep, pretreatment-enhanced form of the anaerobic digestion process, designed to transform food & agricultural residues into renewable energy in the form of biogas. RAPTOR® won an IChemE Energy Award in 2014.

    Besides wastewater and waste-to-energy technologies GWE also delivers biogas utilization solutions. Among them are GASODRIX™ – biogas dryer, biogas desulfurization technology – SULFURIX™, and CALORIX™ direct-fired wastewater heater."

  • Green Fuels Ltd.

    Green Fuels is the world's leading manufacturer of decentralised-scale biodiesel production equipment expressly designed for processing of waste vegetable oils (e.g. used cooking oil). Since 2003, we have supplied equipment to customers in more than 60 countries, ranging from 50 litres per day self-contained units to 50,000 litres per day advanced bio-refineries.

  • Hanergy Global Thin Film Power Pte Ltd

    Founded in 1994, Hanergy has always been the pioneer in clean energy industry, With substantial experience in hydro and wind power, Hanergy is derermined to become the leader in solar energy – in particular the thin film power. Through the acquisition of the US and German companies, Hanergy is now a proud leader in non-Silicon based Building Integrated / Attached PV solutions. Our Star brands include commercial products such as Hanwall, Hanwindow and Hantile etc; whilst in terms of consumer products, we specialise in Hanbay, Hanpaper, Hambrella. We look forward to connecting with local parties and clients in Singapore and the region beyond.

  • Headspring Inc

    Headspring provides energy solutions that “promote locally produced energy for local consumption” in emerging countries through the development, introduction, and expansion of smart energy technologies.

    We utilize the knowledge and technologies accumulated in those initiatives to help create a sustainable recycling society.

  • HoSt Bio Energy Systems

    HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of biogas plants and biomass-fired powerplants in the EU. HoSt is an innovative company with its own laboratory, patents and technology development and employs nearly 100 engineers with a university degree. HoSt owns and operates plants which are both commercially operated and used for demonstration of new technologies. HoSt can work as turn-key supplier, also in foreign countries.

    Anaerobic digesters – agricultural
    - Microferm: compact system of 62 – 75 kWe in two designs / suitable for slurry volumes of between 3500 m3 and 5600 m3 per year.
    - Unit for production of power and heat with a combined heat and power unit (CHP).
    - Unit for refining biogas to natural gas quality.
    - Farm-type digesters from 250 kWe to 2500 kWe.
    Anaerobic digesters – industrial
    Wood-fired boilers and CHP installations
    - Wood-fired grate boilers of 2 MWt to 20 MWt.
    - High-yield wood-fired CHP plants.
    Fluidised-bed gasifiers

  • IceEnergy

    Ice Energy’s Ice Bear – a thermal battery for the modern grid. Our award-winning Ice Bear battery provides clean, reliable and cost-effective energy storage to the modern grid, and delivers savings to businesses and homeowners. Our distributed, behind-the-meter Ice Bear battery transforms air conditioning load into a clean, responsive and flexible grid resource.

    Ice Energy was founded in 2003 with the vision that thermal energy storage could transform inefficient and polluting air conditioners, which are a burden on the grid, into efficient and clean cooling systems that are an asset for the grid. In 2005, Ice Energy launched Ice Bear, an award-winning Ice Bear battery. Since then, Ice Bear has been providing utilities cost-effective and reliable energy storage, lowering electric bills for businesses and homeowners, and reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Idro Meccanica s.r.l.

    Antonio Gozzi founded Idro meccanica at the end of the ‘60s. He started the production of natural gas compressor and boosters based on a simple hydrostatic transmission.Nowadays idro meccanica have produced more than 1700 compressors for natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen/methane blends, upgraded biogas.The flexibility of the system and the high quality standards let us win important market shares in very demanding countries like Germany and Sweden.
    Idro meccanica compressors are hydraulically driven.Some of our units could also be used as compressor/boosters to fill and then intake gas from a high-pressure storage in order to achieve high flow-rate in direct fill.The booster compressor are also the most suitable solution for daughter refueling stations as they do not need to reduce the pressure from the mobile storages.

  • International Copper Association

    The Copper Alliance is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promote the sustainable use of copper worldwide. It advocates the natural advantages of copper as the most efficient conductor in electrical and thermal conductivity. As such it is a material of choice to ensure reliability and efficiency in any electrical system, and in particular in energy access projects. The Copper Alliance aims at supporting the international community's efforts to meet the ambitious challenges of energy access for all by providing technical assistance in the fields of policy and standards making, capacity building for engineers and installers on electrical systems reliability, efficiency, but also safety.

  • Kipp & Zonen Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    In solar energy, accurately measuring the sun’s radiation is key to finding optimal locations, informing investment decisions, maximising operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance, monitoring performance and improving technology; in PV, CPV and CSP.

    At Kipp & Zonen our experts develop high quality instruments for the measurement of global, direct, diffuse and plane of array solar radiation. Whether you want to accurately know if your solar energy project is working at its best, and achieving the targeted performance ratio, or if you want to schedule maintenance. From our well-known CMP, and innovative Smart SMP, ranges of pyranometers to the new all-in-one solar monitoring system RaZON+, we offer the best solutions.

  • Mavitec Green Energy

    Mavitec Green Energy is a process technology company active in the food recycling industry. We provide complex process solutions in a simple, efficient and cost effective way, customized to the needs of our clients.

  • OceanPixel Pte Ltd

    OceanPixel (OP) is a Singapore start-up company that was spun off from the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N). Incorporated in September 2014, OP addresses the need for Intelligence for in the Offshore/Ocean/Marine Renewable Energy Sector. Strategically partnering and collaborating with experts from the Scotland, UK (e.g. Aquatera) and with access to marine renewable energy thought leaders in the South East Asia (SEA) region, OceanPixel has positioned itself to be the pioneer company dedicated to ocean renewable energy planning in SEA. OP is currently engaged in ocean energy projects in Singapore, Indonesia, the and Philippines with potential projects in other parts of Asia under development

  • Plugit Finland Oy

    We do CaaS (Charging as a Service) in its full extent. We build charging and total energy solutions (HW,SW,services) both for B2B and B2C customers in electro mobility.
    Service steps:
    1. Business and service model co-creation: PlugIt makes offering EV charging good for any business
    2. We design and build IoT connected Green Corridors and Zero Emission Zones for businesses of all scale and type
    3. We manage and maintain charging infrastructure as a service for our customers (CaaS)
    4. Drive the demad. We are trusted partner of premium car manufacturer brands
    We also hold a domain ( as a principal information channel for consumer about the CO2 neutral traffic.

  • Plug the Sun

    Plug the Sun designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates the most innovative solar Off-Grid solutions to improve access to electricity all around the world. Plug the Sun is the next generation of Solar Home Systems, Hybrid and Mini-Grids solutions suitable for your house, office and community. Plug the Sun is a Joint Venture between the Italian company, Enerray, a global solar EPC and O&M contractor part of the Maccaferi Industrial Group and FastPower, a Hong Kong based company that delivers reliable and productive Off-Grid Technology.

  • IBT Co., Ltd

    IBT CO., LTD, a manufacturer specializing in industrial storage batteries has been producing a wide variety of choices in sized and types of long-life batteries, and these technologies from traditional major brand of battery manufacturer, Rocket Electronics Co., Ltd. Based on out patented technology developed in our in-house laboratory, we are giving our best effort to meet various demands from the customers at home and abroad with supplying UPS & Charger at once and eco-friendly industrial battery. Recently, we have succeeded in launching high capacity lithium batteries and have developed the BMS for electric vehicles such as golf cart, AGV and also Energy Storage System for home to provide optimized solution for high capacity lithium batteries. Our company will devote ourselves to develop high techniques to improve quality and reliability based on technologies and services which has been blazing a train in domestic and international market for last 30 years. Also, we will move forward to produce competitive top-quality manufacturers and provide reliable A/S System to support the "Customer First" policy.

  • Practical Action

    International NGO Practical Action works to transform the way technology is used to improve the lives of women and men living in, or vulnerable to, poverty. Through innovative thinking and technical knowledge Practical Action enables poor communities to produce practical solutions to their most pressing needs. The organisation works across four main goal areas - Energy Access, Urban WASH and Waste Management, Agriculture and Disaster Risk Reduction - with cross-cutting themes including gender, technology, markets and climate change. Practical Action seeks to demonstrate what is possible, share learning and inspire others. The organisation works globally, with regional and country offices in East, West and Southern Africa, Sudan, Latin America, South Asia and the UK.

  • Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited

    Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited (RREL) is a leading South Asia based Access to Energy and DRE solutions company with over 700,000+ SHS customer base in Bangladesh, making it a key player in the world’s largest Pay-to-Own solar home systems (SHS) roll out of over 4.5+ million. RREL also has executed over 40+MWp of off-grid and on-grid Solar Projects in Drinking water, Irrigation, Telecom BTS, Street Light, Rooftop and Mini-Grid with over 25 years of experience.

    The company has initiated a unique SMART application, which is a technology-based, Entrepreneurship-driven last-mile clean-tech delivery model for SHS/ Pay Go, energy efficient appliances (Fan, TV, drinking water pump, and clean cookstoves) to impact lives in millions of rural homes.

  • Red Dot Power Pte Ltd

    Red Dot Power Pte Ltd (formerly known as CPvT Energy Asia Pte Ltd), a group company of vTrium Energy Singapore is a licensee of Electricity Retail and is a Market Participant in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS) and Electricity Futures Market administered by SGX Singapore. Red Dot Power, a homegrown Singapore entity is the first independent Electricity Retailer to begin the electricity supply to contestable class of electricity consumer in Singapore taking the benefit of the Electricity Futures Market and currently occupies #1 position amongst the independent electricity retailers in terms of market share.

    Red Dot Power’s business model is to offer all-inclusive energy management solutions to its retail electricity consumers both on demand side and supply side i.e., electricity demand management (Demand Response/Interruptible Load), retail electricity supply and Solar/Storage thus providing a complete one-stop energy solution to the electricity consumers in Singapore.

    vTrium Energy, the holding company of Red Dot Power is a pioneer in bringing cutting edge Organic PV Solar solutions to Singapore through a partnership with Heliatek GmbH, Germany and MW scale Grid Battery Storage solutions from Younicos AG, Germany. The first set of OPV Solar projects are implemented for JTC facilities under a SPRING Singapore funded pilot. The partnerships with German technology companies Heliatek and Younicos have established vTrium Energy Group as the leading solutions provider for grid and off-grid applications for the entire energy value chain.

  • ReMoni

    Monitor Technical Installations and Energy.
    Clamp-on Monitoring with Cloud-AI made Coherent and Cost-efficient.

    Our goal is to create technology that helps building a more sustainable society, by eliminating waste of resources.
    We focus on the development of an innovative system to minimize waste of energy and production failure. The system is both easier, cheaper and more flexible than other solutions on the market. The novelty is that you can monitor devices simply by attaching small wireless sensors directly onto the outside of electric cables and water and heating pipes.

    Clamp-on sensors - easy installation at a low cost:
    The non-invasive ReMoni sensors make the installation process fast and easy at existing cables, pipes, etc.
    No cutting existing installation, minimize risk of damaging the existing installation, and allows installation without turning off your production.

    Self-learning surveillance:
    We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to deliver an ever improving set of alarms and notifications to you.
    It is easy to set up, and you can receive a message in case of abnormal operation.

    Energy management using granular data:
    The cost efficient ReMoni sensors allow you to get the data you need for cost efficient energy management, commissioning, and demand-response, on the single critical device.

    Open integration to other systems:
    There is direct online integration to your existing systems through our standard REST API (Application Programming Interface). It is your data, so you are free to use them as you please, and combine them with other data, as you please.

    Get real data to comply with CSR and regulations:
    Comply with energy consumption and carbon emission regulations while you save money, and ensure functionality of your technical installations.

    Robust and secure data chain:
    We ensure stability, by taking responsibility of the entire data chain, from the sensor, over the data-logger, wireless secured connection up into the cloud. Hereby you avoid the classical risk of sub-systems which do not work together.

    ReMoni helps you getting robust data for your CSR accounting, and complying standards and certifications such as the ESOS, ISO 50001, the Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Proposition 39, IEE Intelligent Energy Europe, and LEED.

    ReMoni is a registered trademark and we have 3 patents.

  • SCG Chemicals

    SCG  (Siam Cement Group) is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in Thailand and a key industry leader in Asia offers a full range of petrochemical products. To better serve customers' requirements, SCG assigns prime importance to the development of new technology and innovation for high value-added product and server solutions.

  • Singapore Energy Centre

    The Singapore Energy Centre (SgEC) is a consortium founded by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and founding members such as ExxonMobil USA. The Centre creates a framework for a long-term partnership between the universities and industry on technological and socioeconomic issues in sustainable energy development. Building upon the reputation of Singapore as a living laboratory, it will explore scalable near and long-term solutions of global and regional significance. The Centre leverages on the research infrastructure and collective experience of academics from the two world-class Universities and their affiliated research institutes to develop talent and solutions of the highest value for its members. SgEC members can work jointly on research projects with a common interest, or individually with the universities on proprietary research through expedited research agreement arrangements. Join us in this exciting collaboration to nucleate innovations and create practical solutions for a sustainable energy future.

  • SparkMeter

    SparkMeter provides smart metering solutions tailor-made for rural and central utilities in developing markets, where 2.1 billion people live without reliable electricity access. The simple plug-and-play solution enables utilities operating in remote locations to access a range of features - prepaid billing, customer communications, and remote monitoring and control – that improve their operations and help them achieve financial sustainability. SparkMeter is deployed on hundreds of microgrids in over 25 countries between Central America, Africa, and Asia. SparkMeter supports its 40+ utility customers from our offices in Washington, DC and Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Studer Innotec SA

    Studer Innotec SA is a Swiss manufacturer of sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers for off-grid electrification. The company has built a 30-year expertise in battery-based systems and more specifically in off-grid applications.

    World leader in its domain, Studer Innotec SA offers reliable products for both plug & play and more specific applications from small 200VA up to 72kVA inverter systems and up to 105kWp PV systems. Studer offers also a full range of solutions for remote monitoring fitting every possible need and free access to its dedicated webserver.

    Studer Innotec SA exports 90% of its products world-wide, with the support of an international network of distributors and qualified service partners. With hundreds of thousands of inverters already installed around the world, Studer Innotec SA is a major actor in the off-grid solar industry and a particularly reliable partner for off-grid electrification.

  • Sunseap Group Pte Ltd

    Sunseap Group is the leading solar energy system developer, owner and operator in Singapore. It operates through three key units: Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy. Sunseap Leasing is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. Sunseap International targets markets in the South East Asian and Pacific regions. These include a 140 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) solar farm in India and a 10 MWp solar farm in Cambodia. Sunseap Energy provides clean energy solutions utilising off-site arrangements by drawing on solar systems within the Group’s portfolio of distributed generation assets. A notable client is Apple, which recently signed an agreement with Sunseap to procure 100% of its local energy requirements from renewable sources.

  • Sarlin Oy Ab

    Our main product for Chinese market is SARLIN BALANCE.

    SARLIN BALANCE is a complete solution for compressed-air control in all industrial applications
    where compressed air plays an essential role. About 10 percent of industrial electrical power
    is used compressing air. Sarlin Balance can save up to 30% of the power used by

    The Sarlin Balance is patented EP1370770B1 ""Modular System For The Control of Compression Systems"" , another patent is pending. Sarlin Balance is a complete, ready-made solution, consisting of automation devices, sensors and software. Thanks to its modular structure, Sarlin Balance is applicable to all sizes of compressed air systems and the management of other air systems. Sarlin Balance control can be installed on all models, regardless of manufacturer.

    Sarlin provides technical support to optimize compressed air systems performance to reach maximum savings. Sarlin Balance systems can be operated centrally from Finland with secured remote access.

    Sarlin Balance's product development, design and manufacturing are based in Finland.

    Please see also multimedia on our webside

  • Sirea

    Created in 1994, Sirea is renowned for its technical expertise and its professional know-how in the fields of industrial engineering and more particularly about projects of industrial electricity, energy monitoring and autoconsumption.
    Sirea designs and manufactures its own custom-made electronic products for automation and proposes complete and modular solutions perfectly adapted to the demands of your business. Among the different product portfolio of Sirea, a wide range of Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) is offered, as well as the possibility to design and adapt the customized needs to ad-hoc developed PLCs.
    Since its creation, Sirea has also strongly entered the energy monitoring field with the development of an advanced range of management systems with to achieve at self-consuming energy. All equipment developed by Sirea is designed to reliably supply energy from different energy sources, both conventional and renewable. These systems are typically used for applications outside the network or in cases where the electricity supply is unreliable or too expensive.

  • Solargis s.r.o.

    We provide solar resource and weather data, and solar electricity simulation software, which are used for development and operation of solar power plants and support to utilities in managing solar power generation. We operate an in-house developed online platform for fast access to historical, recent, and forecast data and services for any location. Customers in approx. 90 countries worldwide are project developers, manufacturers, system integrators, financiers, solar power plant operators, energy utilities and technical advisors. We also work also with governmental and public organisations to better manage solar energy strategies. Our customers appreciate high accuracy of our data, scientific robustness of our solutions, customised services and individual approach. One third of our revenues comes from consultancy related to development of solar power plants, their evaluation, but also to country-wide analyses provided to governments and public organisations. Solargis is a trademark registered in more than 20 countries. Production and distribution of the data and services is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

  • Swimsol

    Swimsol has been developing floating marine-grade solar technology since 2010 to create a cost-effective marine solar power solution for the populated tropical coastal areas which are facing land scarcity. Swimsol is already operating in the Maldives and Malaysia, and is now looking for expansion to other markets. Swimsol expects to enter the Singaporean and Indonesian market with its large business opportunities for floating PV. The EU Gateway would give Swimsol an ideal opportunity to deeply learn about those markets in order to find partners for a first pilot system in the region.

  • Trina Solar Co.,Ltd

    Founded in 1997, Trina Solar Co.,Ltd (“Trina Solar”), one of the earliest solar companies listed on the NYSE, is the leading total solution provider for solar energy around the world. By the end of 2017, Trina Solar had delivered more than 32 GW of solar modules worldwide, contributing to more than 10% of global market share, which makes Trina the world’s largest solar module supplier. It is estimated that Trina could have helped reduce approximately 32 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

    Equipped with a strong capacity of R&D, Trina Solar has developed and launched a full range of solar solutions, including smart modules, smart systems, energy storage and smart O&M. In its downstream business, Trina Solar provides project development, financing, design, construction, O&M, as well as one-stop system integration solutions for customers. By the end of 2017, the Company has connected nearly 2 GW of solar projects to grids around the world. As the largest photovoltaic modules supplier and the leading PV total solutions provider, Trina Solar aims to be a global leader of Energy Internet of Things.

  • Victory E&B

    SOLAR - VAN is a caravan that you can store energy through solar generation and drive in public roads, since it's classified as the special vehicle registered in Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in S.Korea.

    - ESS SOLAR Caravan (Vehicle) - VAN is a kind of pull type trailer and easy to load and carry.

    - Less than 750 kg (gross weight). Any drivers can drive and tow if they have driver's license, Class 1 Regular or Class 2 Regular.

    - The vehicle more than 1600cc can be towed. Great accessibility for users and consumers.

  • ULVAC Singapore Pte Ltd

    ULVAC is an international corporation that designs, manufactures and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications which specializes in vacuum technology. Founded in Japan in 1952, ULVAC is now a global leading vacuum supplier, with a strong market presence in over 100 countries. ULVAC has been providing a spectrum of industries with vacuum technology-based products and materials and also has been contributing to developing technologies through analysis, evaluation, R&D and other activities. ULVAC Singapore was established in 1997 as the headquarters for operation in sales and service in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Universal Energy Co., Ltd

    As an international company specializing in the Development, Investment, EPC (Engineering/Procurement/Construction) and Operation&Maintenance of Renewable Energy Projects, Universal Energy is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of green energy solution by leveraging our advantages in investing and providing EPC with Finance for Wind/Solar/Hydro Power Generation, Energy Storage System and Electricity Transmission & Distribution. Currently, we have invested in and contracted more than 350MW projects in hand. Drive by our global vision and cooperation with experts from competent financial agency to first-class equipment & service providers, we are connecting more partners to explore green energy together and expanding our business into more countries, especially the ASEAN region and looking forward to achieving win-win outcomes.

  • VDE Renewables Asia Pte Ltd

    VDE Renewables is 100% owned by VDE, the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies. It conducts the marketing, business development, and project management activities for certification and non-certification activities in the area of quality assurance for the global renewable energy sector. VDE Renewables works closely with leading institutions around the world, such as the VDE Testing and Certification Institute of Fraunhofer ISE, to carry out testing of components and systems according to the highest levels of quality Working closely with the financial industry, it focuses on bankability and insurability.


    VYNCKE is a 4th generation global family business with its roots in Flanders and today locally organized with over 300 enthusiastic Vynckeneers in Brazil, The US, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Thailand and China … we are always close to you. Today we have over 4,000 references worldwide.

  • Wärtsilä Singapore Pte Ltd

    Wärtsilä Energy Solutions is a leading global energy system integrator offering a broad range of environmentally sound solutions. Our offering includes ultra-flexible internal combustion engine based power plants, utility-scale solar PV power plants, energy storage & integration solutions, as well as LNG terminals and distribution systems. The flexible and efficient Wärtsilä solutions provide customers with superior value and enable a transition to a more sustainable and modern energy system. At the end of 2017, Wärtsilä had over 67 GW of installed power plant capacity in 177 countries around the world.

  • Wirepas

    Wirepas is a software company that develops and licenses the Wirepas Mesh software to its customers. Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT networking at massive scale. It is a de-centralized IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate and identify lights, sensors, beacons, assets, machines and meters in cities, buildings, industry, logistics and energy – with unprecedented scale, density, flexibility and reliability. It can be used on any radio hardware and on any frequency band. Wirepas has its headquarters in Tampere, Finland and offices in Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, India, the UK and the United States.

  • Zeco Srl

    Since the 60’s Zeco was in the hydropower Italian market.
    In the 1985 has delivered the first HPP for the foreign market (Tanzania) – STAND ALONE project for Rural Electrification. ZECO produces Hydro turbines including Kaplan, Submerged Kaplan, Francis, Pelton turbines up to 12 MW.  Zeco acts as a general contractor for the electro-mechanical equipment.

    Zeco guards its know-how in the Technical Department and R&D Department that follow all the design aspects concerning the hydropower technology, such as the hydraulic data, the mechanical design, the turbine automation system and the electrical system for the grid connection.

    Zeco uses all the last technology to guarantee the best reliability and efficiency, such as CAD-CAM and CFD software’s.  With almost 5.000 m2 of production areas and workshop, side by side the technical department, Zeco internally manages the production of all the most important components with the most modern machine tools.
    Great importance is given to the internal acceptance testing and pre-commissioning before the shipping of the machinery.

    Zeco follows directly with their technical teams all the operations on site such as mechanical installation, electrical installations and commissioning. Every activity is carried out according the strict quality control plan.

    Zeco proposes customized solutions for full-service, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance according to the customer necessity.
    Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained through the years, Zeco develops and installs the whole power plant electric system. From the planning to the realization of the control- and protection system. From developing customized SCADA systems for an auxiliary remote power plant management, to the supply of low and medium voltage.

  • ZephIR Lidar

    ZephIR has pioneered the use of lidar in the wind industry since 2003 and is based in the UK. We design, manufacture and sell wind doppler Lidars for the very accurate measurement of wind. Our products are used all over the world at different phases of wind farm development from initial wind resource assessment through to turbine optimization during the operational phase. Our products are also used in other industries where there may be a need to remotely measure wind conditions.

  • ZetechPro

    cogeneration WTE
    energy storage WTE
    hydrogen production via WTE technology

    ZetechPro is a technology provider to transform unwanted green waste to valuable energy products. Most of the green waste we process is up-to-now burned, creating pollution and health hazards.

  • Zuccato Energia Srl

    Zuccato Energia Srl is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in Low Temperature ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Turbo-generators.
    We are a green company, careful about the environment, and for this reason our ORC systems have:
    emission-free closed loop operation; no atmospheric emissions; working fluid non-toxic, non-flammable, safe for man and environment.